What is Jeklynn Heights?

Jeklynn Heights is a match based multiplayer game set in a fairy tale world. The objective of each match is simple: leave Jeklynn Heights! In order to leave, you must work with your team to win 5 challenges presented by the town's evil mayor. Combat is 3rd person melee, ranged, and ability based.

Where can I buy Jeklynn Heights?

The game will be available on Steam Early Access for the Windows platform on May 25th, 2016.

Why Early Access?

Jeklynn Heights is an entirely self-funded game made by a couple of friends who work remotely. When development first started in 2010, we chose to use UDK (Unreal Development Kit). Creating a multiplayer game in a very atmospheric world was quite the ambition for our small team, so naturally between school and work the game took many years to reach its’ current point.

By that time, Unreal Engine 4 was released. After several discussions, the best move was for us to stay on our current track with UDK. It would have been a sizable job to move all of our assets to UE4. We desperately want to take this game to UE4, and if our game does well on Early Access that is our #1 priority.

The Early access build is a glimpse of what our game could be with more funding, a newer engine, and a larger team. We’ve worked extremely hard to make sure the experience you have with our Early Access build is one that’s enjoyable, thought out, and re-playable.

Lastly, we deeply value community driven support. Great games are made when developers and players collaborate. Early Access allows us to get streamlined feedback on what we’re doing, and ways we can improve moving forward. We will be active and responsive both in-game and on our discussion forums when it comes to issues, feedback, and design ideas.

What does the Early Access build offer?

- 5v5 matched based multiplayer fun!
- 3rd person combat system that features melee, blocking, dashing, ranged weapons, and abilities
- 3 playable characters with unique skills and play styles.
- 9 game events, randomized every match.
- Atmospheric fairy tale map called Conflicted Caverns.
- 12 original music tracks
- Dedicated Servers
- Front-end chat system, in-game chat system, voice work, custom key-binding.

How much will the game cost?

Our plan is to launch the game with a starting price of $14.99.

Any chance I could try the game before Early Access?

Absolutely! We have what we called an “Internal Testing” group. We want to make sure Early Access is as smooth as possible, so we have a small group helping us test bugs, design ideas, server loads, etc. Currently we test evenings (EST), so if you are available a few nights a week during that time let us know on Facebook! We will be opening up an EU server soon.

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