The Game


A corrupt and bizarre town is the quirky setting to Jeklynn Heights, a fantastical and competitive online game. Run by a Mayor with a split personality and enigmatic past, a spell haunts the town he rules. Players must complete objectives, directed by the Mayor, to win and escape the town. Combat is 3rd person melee, ranged, and ability based.

A long time ago, there lived a young man

Who ruled in a peaceful magnificent land.

But one sudden day, his attitude drifted
And the smile on his face, abruptly shifted.

He changed all the rules, paying no heed
To the ones who warned him of his menacing greed.

So in a desperate attempt, the town's people met
And planned their revenge which they knew they would get.

They gathered their torches and marched to the man
Whose greed and sloth got way out of hand.

But aware of the threat, the young man fled
For fear of losing his precious head.

For hours he ran without looking back

Until he was approached by a figure in black.

"There's no need to hurry", the dark figure said.
"I'll offer you a deal so you don't wind up dead".

Confused by the offer, the young man declined
But the dark figure knew how to change his mind

"I'll give you a town to rule as you wish.
In exchange for your sanity which I'm sure you won't miss"

The young man agreed, showing a grin
He now had a town where he could peacefully sin.
But just when he thought that the deal was all ready
The dark figure spoke, his voice quite unsteady

"There is a slight catch I'm regretful to say,
My deal works at night, not during the day.

But don't be alarmed, I'll make it worth while
I'll find you more people who also don't smile"

"They'll live in your town and appear to be nice
Attracting more victims who wouldn't think twice.

And then when it's dark, your fun can begin
And violence and rules can be made on a whim."

And with those spoken words, the young man stood still
Unable to move from this overwhelming thrill
For in the dark distance, his town was all ready
The only thing left was a leader unsteady.

So he got straight to work, creating a split
Between the ones who have money, and those who have zip.

For what better way to establish a war,
Than to live in a hellhole with those you abhor.


Benny Sinn


How Mr. Sinn came to Jeklynn Heights is a bit of a mystery to some, and rumors muddled with myths and misunderstandings shroud his true origins. It's often disputed that he was chased out of other towns for his murderous tendencies, or that he was in search of more victims of his unique brand of hair styling.

But, with all that speculation, Benny Sinn is here in Jeklynn Heights, raving and ranting about the poor shape of folk's hair in this madhouse.

In the end, more than a little off the top, more than just a close shave, and more than just a trim landed Benny into this mad town of ferocious folk.

Benny Attack 1 Benny Attack 2 Benny Ability 1 Benny Ability 2 Benny Ability 3 Benny Ability 4

Benny's Profile

  • Occupation:Barber
  • Role:Melee Brawler
  • Starting Health:900
  • Damage Per Swing:20

Tessie the Innkeeper


Tessie the Inkeeper has an affinity for retribution, often in the form of sending the filth she's built up from her patrons right back at them with her trusty vacuum cleaner.

Anvils, safes, and stone are her ways for striking back at the folks that call Jeklynn Heights home. Ultimately, she, like many other folk of the town, are glued to its insanity, and upon a whim may decide to deal with you violently should you leave a mess of her inn.

Tessie's Profile

  • Occupation:Innkeeper
  • Role:Tank
  • Health:1200
  • Attack Damage:20
Tessie Attack 1 Tessie Attack 2 Tessie Ability 1 Tessie Ability 2 Tessie Ability 3 Tessie Ability 4



Weasel is quite the enigma, leaving everything up to speculation as to where he came from.

He doesn't talk with folks much, if at all, but his actions speak quite loudly. His magical vials are filled with potions and poisons, launched far and wide by his crows.

Should you come across Weasel while meandering through the slums, be sure to stay on his good side.

Thief Attack 1 Thief Attack 2 Weasel Ability 1 Weasel Ability 2 Weasel Ability 3 Weasel Ability 4

Weasel's Profile

  • Occupation:Unknown
  • Role:Support
  • Starting Health:800
  • Attack Damage:20

Mayor's Events

  • Escort

    Escort the Zeppelin!

    The Mayor has spawned a Zeppelin filled with explosives in the middle of the map. One team must escort the Zeppelin to the enemy base while the other prevents this from occurring!

  • King

    King Me!

    One random player on each team is now the King! They grow in size, and are slightly more powerful. Kill the enemy king while protecting your own.

  • Capture

    Sanity Post

    A new structure has been built in the middle of the map, but which side should it belong to? Teams fight to control the area.

  • Murder

    Murderer on the Loose!

    A deadly crime has been committed! Work with your team to capture clues throughout the map. Once all clues have been uncovered, a murderer will be revealed on the opposite team. Eliminate them!

  • Tower

    Sanity Orb Tower

    Each team has an Orb Tower located in their base. Infiltrate the enemy base, destroy the Orb Tower, and return the Orb back to your base.

  • Rescue

    Rescue the Inventor!

    One team has captured the Inventor of Jeklynn Heights. They must protect the cage from being destroyed, while the other team attempts to free the Inventor.

  • loot


    One team has stolen a bunch of paintings. If that's your team, defend the enemy team from looting and returning them to their base.

  • mines

    The Mines

    The mayor needs resources to help increase the appeal of his town. Teams rush to the caves to collect ore. The first team to get 20 ore wins the event.

  • brawl


    In the event of a tie, a Brawl will take place between the two teams. The Mayor transports all players to a new location to begin their fight. If you die, you don't respawn. Last player standing wins it for their team!

Match Setup

There are two teams in Jeklynn Heights - the rich and the poor. The objective is simple; leave town! During the beginning of the match, the Mayor introduces himself and calls out the first event. Events are mini-objectives which last a few minutes each. Objectives range from capturing points, killing targets, stealing from the other team, collecting resources, etc. The first team to win 5 events wins the match, and is allowed to leave the town! The game is designed to be fast paced, focusing on team-based play, high action, and very short respawn times.

Combat Mechanics

Melee/Ranged Combat
Every character has a 3 swing melee rotation and a blocking ability. You may hold your blocking stance for 2 seconds to deflect incoming melee damage. Landing a quick block (blocking a melee attack within 0.5 seconds of using your block), will stun the enemy player and grant you an empowered swing that does bonus damage. All characters also have a dash mechanic. Dashing propels you a short distance forward and grants you an empowered swing that does bonus damage. Dashing is a great opportunity to travel faster, initiate combat, or narrowly escape danger. Additionally, you also have a ranged weapon unique to your character to make picking off fleeing enemies easier!

Characters have 4 abilities centered around their specific archetype (tank/support/agility based). Abilities range from AOE damage, skill shots, disables, movement boosts, and buffs.

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